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How COVID Has Transformed eCommerce Buying Norms

COVID-19 has impacted industries all over the world and changed the way businesses interact with their customers. Reduced in-person interactions and increased virtual or distant experiences have caused complete overhauls of business models. The eCommerce industry has gone through an industry reform and continues to do so. Before the coronavirus, customers would go to a business and enjoy the in-store experience. This experience could make them a repeat customer or drive them never to shop there again. In-store experiences are no longer the norm, and businesses have had to create customer experiences in different and unique ways. Businesses have engaged their customers by dedicating more money to the “unboxing” experience. When a customer receives a well-packaged box with custom branding and other details, they feel appreciated and create a connection with the brand. This extra effort can be the deciding factor in today’s market to drive repeat purchases and block out the competition. B