Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

Maintaining a clean space is essential to stopping the spread of germs. Especially now, during the pandemic, cleaning and sanitizing are necessary daily routines. What are the best ways to disinfect? What are the best materials to use? How often should you clean? Let’s take a look at best practices for cleaning and sanitizing your workspace!

Restaurant worker cleaning table

The EPA approves surface disinfectant products after passing rigorous testing to prove that they have a high effective rate. Surface sanitization products are also suitable cleaning materials, but they do not need to reach the high standards that disinfectants do. Both can be used to clean surfaces and maintain safe environments, but disinfectants are preferred.

Another significant difference between sanitizing and disinfecting is sanitizing reduces certain bacteria, while disinfectants destroy and inactivate bacteria and some viruses on surfaces. When using these chemicals, it is important to remember what the surfaces will be used for. Certain surfaces may have higher contact rates and need to be cleaned by stronger agents to ensure that they are safe.

It’s important to use both sanitizers and disinfectants as a part of your cleaning routine. How often to clean an area depends on its use and whether it is a frequently touched surface. Clorox advises that disinfecting up to three times a day is safe and recommends increasing the frequency if someone is sick.

Cleaning your business or workspace is essential to keeping everyone safe and healthy. Southeastern Paper Group can supply you with all the equipment you need to clean and maintain safe workspaces. Whether you need extra sanitation stations, hand hygiene supplies, or PPE, we can supply it to you. Our multiple warehouses across the Southeast make shipping quick and easy, bringing you the products you need.

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