Staying Active During Quarantine

The pandemic has put a halt to most of our social activities. Working from home is the new norm, and spending most of our days at home is expected. One of the biggest shifts has been the inability of most people to go to the gym. The gym routine that we all once had is now irrelevant, and at-home exercises have become very popular. How do you stay active during quarantine? We’ve got a couple of recommendations.

One way to ensure that you stay active is to plan daily walks. Ensure that you are getting out of your house and getting some fresh air. A simple walk around the neighborhood can do wonders for your mental state. The change in scenery can help reset your mind and focus when you need to. Your body will appreciate the movement, and you will be able to slowly gain some momentum to get back in the gym when it is time.

Another way you can stay active is by doing at-home workouts. There are countless recommended workouts on YouTube that you can access. Most of these workouts require nothing more than a towel to dry your sweat! Burning some calories from your living room is a great way to get some physical activity in while staying at home.

Standing desks are another way to add some activity in your at-home life. These desks require you to stand and work at your computer, pushing you to be more active during your workday. Sitting for hours can make you feel sluggish and lethargic, but these standing desks help add variety in your day while working on your posture. You can find these desks on Amazon and other online retail stores.

Ensuring that you stay active while you work from home is essential to your physical and mental health during these trying times. Southeastern Paper Group encourages you to stay as healthy and safe as possible during the pandemic. Click here to read our COVID-19 response and how we are staying safe.


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